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Sewing Patterns for a Conscious Wardrobe

Easy to sew. Easy to wear. Easy on the earth.

Welcome to Stitched For Good—your haven for sustainable fashion creation!

Are you tired of the same old trends and throwaway clothes that don't express
who you are? Dive into our world of eco-friendly sewing patterns, designed to
help you craft a wardrobe that’s uniquely yours and kind to the planet. Whether
you're a seasoned sewer or just starting out, our patterns are created with
every skill level in mind. Join our community of conscious creators and start
sewing a difference today!

Hi, I'm Annie the designer and pattern maker behind Stitched for Good.

From a young age, I've been drawn to the art of making clothes, starting with outfits for my dolls and evolving into creating my own fashion. After earning an Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology and gaining valuable industry experience, I moved to Mudgee, NSW, where I explored various fashion ventures. While custom dressmaking and a handmade fashion brand were stepping stones, I discovered my true passion lies in designing sewing patterns. At Stitched For Good, we empower home sewers to create their own personalized and sustainable wardrobes, reducing waste and fostering creativity through easy-to-use digital and physical patterns.

Why Shop With Us

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Our Sustainability Promise

Stitched For Good is committed to protecting the environment through our sustainable practices. We optimize fabric utilization with full lay plans in both sampling and instruction guides, power our studio entirely with solar energy, and advocate for the exclusive use of natural fibers in our samples. Dedicated to minimizing waste, we also ensure all fabric scraps are responsibly recycled, supporting a greener planet.

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Expertly Crafted Patterns by a Qualified Pattern Maker

Stitched For Good delivers thoughtfully designed sewing patterns, crafted by Annie, a pattern maker with an Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology. Her expertise ensures each pattern combines professional accuracy with practical creativity, perfect for every sewing enthusiast.

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Unique Designs

At Stitched For Good, our patterns fuse modern sensibility with timeless country boho charm, designed to outlast trends. More than templates, they are springboards for personal expression, allowing sewers of all levels to tailor designs to their unique style. Each pattern encourages creativity and individual flair, ensuring your creations feel distinctly yours. Embrace the freedom to innovate and transform our versatile patterns into pieces that showcase your personal taste and lifestyle

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