Annie sitting at sewing machine

Hi there! I’m Annie. I live in rural NSW with my partner Ned on our small farm in Mudgee, where our love for sustainable fashion merges with country living.

I grew up in a small town called Gloucester, spending my days on a cattle farm, riding horses, and diving into DIY projects, including sewing my own clothes. After I finished my schooling, I earned an Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology from TAFE NSW and spent over three years working for Sisley Clothing in Newcastle. City life didn't suit me, so I moved to Mudgee to start a new chapter with Ned.

In Mudgee, I set up my sewing studio and launched Annika Jane, a custom dressmaking business. Not long after, inspired by the country bohemian style, I started my own fashion brand, Dusty Bay.

Yet, I felt there was something more meaningful I could offer. Observing the fast fashion industry's rapid pace and waste, I was driven to make a change. This led to the birth of Stitched For Good during a period of isolation—a project rooted in my desire to help others create their own clothes, enjoy the process, and wear pieces that truly reflect their personality.

Stitched For Good is about making fashion personal and sustainable. It's about taking the time to create something special that feels good to wear. I want our customers to feel relaxed and fulfilled as they make their own wardrobes. As we look to the future, I'm excited to keep promoting slow fashion, teach more people how to sew, and eventually offer sustainable fabrics and notions.

We're a rural business focused on serving rural women, but our community is open to everyone who wants to join this slow fashion journey. Let’s keep making clothes that are worth wearing, one stitch at a time.

Thanks so much!

Annie xx