Our Story

Annie sitting at sewing machineHi there! Im Annie, I live in rural NSW with my partner Ned on our small farm in Mudgee.

I grew up in a small NSW town called Gloucester on a cattle farm where I spent my days riding horse, helping out on the farm and learning to create all things DIY including my own clothes. After finishing my schooling I went on to study my advanced diploma of applied fashion design and technology through TAFE NSW. Following my studies I worked for a flight suit manufacture called Sisley Clothing, in Newcastle for 3 + years.

City life was not for me, so moving out to Mudgee to live with my new partner Ned seemed like the right choice for me. 

I set up my sewing studio in our house in town where I started my custom dress making business 'Annika Jane'. After about a year I branched out to create my own fashion brand which I called 'Dusty Bay' after the country bohemian vibe I was going for.

I always felt like there was something more I could create with my technical & industry knowledge of garment construction. It took the world shutting down and eventually summoned to 2 weeks isolation when the idea for 'Stitched For Good' finally dropped in for me. I loved making my own clothes more than making them for other people, I loved the feeling I got when someone would compliment me on something I was wearing that I had made, and I knew there was limited training and access to creating your own clothes. This is when I decided I wanted to help others create their own clothes and also experience that amazing feeling of being complimented on something you have spent hours creating and is uniquely yours. 

Stitched For Good was a year in the making and now we are here! I hope you love what I have created, and I can't wait to share more with you. I would like to hear your feedback :) 

Thanks so much!

Annie xx